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                Social responsibilities


                Yinlu has always fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities and made due contributions in food safety, environment protection and agriculture support in the process of its growth.

                Food safety
                Yinlu always cherishes the concept of "excellence and customer satisfaction and is dedicated to producing safe foods with loving care and conscience. Supplying "safe, convenient, nutritious, healthy and tast…
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                Environment protection
                We are highly aware that we influence the society and the environment in many ways considering our industrial leading status. We must take effective measures to promote environment protection and sustainable developme…
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                Support agriculture, countryside and farmers
                Yinlu is committed to promoting the development of agriculture through industry and leading the residents of Matang Village where our company is located and the surrounding villages onto a track to common wealth. Desp…
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                Corporate social responsibility
                Yinlu is committed to its corporate social responsibility for the long term, including promoting traditional ethics of China and the humanitarian spirits. We perform our social responsibility at each and every detail …
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