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                Yinlu is committed to its corporate social responsibility for the long term, including promoting traditional ethics of China and the humanitarian spirits. We perform our social responsibility at each and every detail of our operation. We aim to promote the benign development of the industry and establish good industrial practices through our development. Meanwhile, we try our best to return to the society, promote social harmony, prosperity and stable development and facilitate social progress.


                Care for the community
                We have actively participated in activities for public interests, cared about issues relating to people's livelihood, continuously improved our capacity and accumulated our experiences with an aim to promote community harmony and progress for a long time.
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                Donation to Schooling
                Donation to schooling and education is a traditional good practice of Yinlu. We have established "Yinlu Educational Scholarship" and sponsored relevant primary schools under Project Hope in a bid to show our focus on education.
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                Involvement in disaster relief
                Cherishing loving care for disaster victims, Yinlu is always ready to offer its helping hand whenever any earthquake, flood or drought occurs to help the victims survive the hardship.
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