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                Leadership speech

                CEO Speech


                Yinlu's food business started in 1985 and has developed in line with China's reform and opening-up policy in the past 30+ years. Today, it is a key leading enterprise in the domestic food and beverage industry developed from an unknown private can factory.

                Yinlu brand epitomizes the entrepreneurship, teamwork spirit and venture spirit of people in South Fujian, the dedication and diligence of our 15,000+ staffs and the trust and expectations of several hundred million consumers. As a member of the society, we aim to become an outstanding "corporate citizen" by supplying safe, qualified and nutritious foods to consumers and performing our corporate social responsibilities in return for the society.

                Amidst market competitions, we realize that we will win out only through a globalized vision and a creative mindset and that our great vitality and long-term driving force lies in the continuous optimization of our corporate culture. In 2011, Yinlu and Nestlé established a joint venture which was expected to generate synergetic effects and promote the long-term and sustainable development of both companies.

                We appreciate and acclaim the supports that we have received along the way. We will stick to the strategy of "talent, technology and brand" with an aim to ensure our long-term and sustainable development and become a leading Chinese enterprise of safe foods and an international brand of national pride.