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                Visit Industrial Tour

                Cherishing loving care for disaster victims, Yinlu is always ready to offer its helping hand whenever any earthquake, flood or drought occurs to help the victims survive the hardship.

                 The scope of visit under the Yinlu industrial tour program includes agricultural industrialization, trade and economic cooperation, CPC development of Matang Village (Xiamen's No. 1 village), development of private economy and recyclable economy, food and beverage production techniques, etc. This program has led to the formation of a tourism industrial chain covering production line, Matang Village, industrial park and hotel. For that reason, it was certified by the State Tourism Administration as a "National Pilot Program of Industrial Tourism" on January 18, 2007.


                • Environment protection tour routing
                • Popular science tour route
                • CPC development Tour routing

                Yinlu Corporate Cultural Center is a key base for publicity of Yinlu's corporate culture and an important showcase of our company image. It comprises the zones of company evolution, sample display and enterprise honors so that you can easily know about the development milestones of Yinlu.