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                Food safety


                Yinlu always cherishes the concept of "excellence and customer satisfaction and is dedicated to producing safe foods with loving care and conscience. Supplying "safe, convenient, nutritious, healthy and tasty" foods and beverages is the ultimate responsibility of all Yinlu staffs. 


                Yin's quality concept
                Excellence, customer satisfaction, safety, healthiness, total staff supervision, masterpiece awareness and individual responsibility.   Establish firm service awareness, always strive for higher customer satisfaction, improve product and service quality and deliver and even beat customer's expectations. Each …
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                Well-established quality management system
                Yinlu imports world-leading production equipment and technologies, references the management experiences of the global food tycoon Nestlé and establishes a safety control system for the total process covering material sourcing and production. We have passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO22000:2005 food safety certifications and …
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                Advanced technology and equipment
                We have invested heavily in purchasing advanced domestic and foreign professional R&D and test devices and attracting high-level technical professionals. Today, we have a couple of R&D and test public platforms, including Xiamen Green Food Engineering and Technical Center, Canned Food and Beverage Research Institute o…
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