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                Enviromental protection


                We are highly aware that we influence the society and the environment in many ways considering our industrial leading status. We must take effective measures to promote environment protection and sustainable development and jointly establish a beautiful habitat with the stakeholders.


                Application of energy-saving and emission reduction technology
                Capitalize on the opportunity of "constructing energy-efficient and environment-friendly enterprise", reference our actual operating conditions and production technical processes, observe the 3R (reducible, reusable and recyclable) principle of recyclable economy and promote energy saving and emission reduction thro…
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                Ecological industrial park
                In the process of construction of Yinlu Hi-tech Park, the principle of "high starting point, high standard, gardenlike and ecological" was adhered to and measures were taken to develop low-carbon economy and recyclable economy and gradually establish an industrial system that adapts to green economic development, th…
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                Water resource protection
                All production bases of Yinlu have sewage treatment plants which recycle water for farmland irrigation, gardening, greening, road flushing, landscape watering, thus promoting the recycling and reuse of water resources.
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