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                PET sterile cold bottling line

                Sterile cold bottling technology is one of the world's most advanced technologies in food and beverage production. As the industrial development trend, this technology is characterized by instantaneous high-temperature sterilization with an aim to maintain the natural flavor and nutritional ingredients of the beverage to the maximum extent. As such, the products are fresh, nutritious, convenient and safe.

                Yinlu was the first to adopt the PET sterile cold bottling production technology and equipment in China in 2003 and creatively used it for processing of low-acid beverages and development of uniquely-flavored peanut milk protein beverages. Currently, we have 16 sterile lines in embryo injection, bottle blowing, bottling and UHT sterilization imported from Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland and Sweden. We will have over 30 such lines by 2015.

                Tetra Pak A3 high-speed sterile bottling line

                The Tetra Pak high-speed sterile bottling equipment that we imported from Sweden surpasses the sterilization standards of FDA and the EU and it is the fastest bottling line of the world with a capacity of 12,000 bags/1000ml/h and 24,000 bags/250ml/h. Yinlu Food Group currently has 20 imported Tetra Pak production lines and there will be more than 36 such lines by 2015.

                Three-piece can food/beverage production line

                The three-piece can food/beverage production line is primarily used to produce canned eight-treasure porridge, milk peanut and protein beverage and Nestlé coffee beverage. The essential equipment was imported from Taiwan and the USA with a bottling speed of 100 bottles/min. The equipment is the fastest in the world with the highest level of automation, scientific and reasonable technical design and a high performance-price ratio. It allows the recycling of resources (steam condensate water, residual heat and residual pressure) and thus maximizes the effects of energy efficiency and emission reduction.

                Yinlu Food Group owns 6 three-piece can food/material production lines with a capacity of 1,000 bottles/min and there will be more than 12 such lines by 2015.


                Three-piece canned coffee production line

                The three-piece canned coffee production lines are primarily imported from Germany and Sweden and comprise the pretreatment, homogenizing, sterilizing, bottling and transmission devices. They are characterized by a high level of automation, high operational efficiency and leading energy-saving and emission reduction technologies with a world-leading bottling speed of 72,000 bottles/h